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The information presented here is for your convenience.
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Keep Windows Up To Date
Use Antivirus Software
Use A Firewall
New Motherboard Installation
Mouse Not Moving Properly

Keep Windows Up To Date
Keeping Windows up to date will fix the latest security bugs in Windows and guarantee you the best possible operation of your computer. If you're not sure how to keep Windows up to date click here.

Use Antivirus Software
The best advice for anyone with a computer is to have antivirus software installed, running and up to date. New viruses are continually being released into the wild each day. Be sure to protect yourself.

Use A Firewall
Using a firewall will help protect your computer and data against hackers, automated attack software and trojans. For information on obtaining a firewall click here.

New Motherboard Installation
According to Intel...

"Driver installation order is one of the most crucial issues when talking about overall platform performance. This is especially true for Intel chipsets. Drivers should always be installed in the order displayed in the list below. The most critical step in the installation order is to install the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility [INF] first before all other drivers. Once the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility is properly installed device driver installtion order becomes less crucial and will have less impact on system performance."
  1. Fresh Operating System Installation
  2. Latest Service Pack or Patch
  3. Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility [INF Utility]
  4. All other device drivers
  5. Intel Application Accelerator [if needed]
  6. Microsoft DirectX

Mouse Not Moving Properly
If it's a mouse with a ball try opening it up and cleaning the rollers. Turn it over and remove the cover by turning it in the direction of the arrows. Remove the cover and the ball and look inside. You should see two long black rollers and one small white roller. They may have dirt all over them or you might have to turn them slightly to see the dirt. Use a Q-tip and moderate pressure to rub the dirt off. Make sure to spin them all the way around to get all of the dirt.

If it's an optical mouse (mouse with a red light) then make sure the bottom is free of dust and dirt and make sure you are moving it on a solid colored surface. Sudden changes in color, such as a woodgrain desktop or mousepad with a picture on it, can throw off the sensor.


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